Welcome to Passion Ventures

Welcome to Passion Ventures

Stop losing money, trusting others knowledge
Start trusting Your own Knowledge...

B ecoming a Venture capitalists overtime in the last 10 years, We had helped many start-ups becoming a successful firms on their own. Looking back the years we had travelled with local and retail investors, even the professionals working for MNC's across places had failed in trying to invest (or) trade in the stock market.

We had seen people losing their investments and the capital to trade on a short term and long term basis not just because of their decision but because of private analysts and the external analysis from financial institutions (stock brokers). Stock broker is just a mediator between you and the stock exchange.

So how do you become your own analyst, Knowledge is the key to everything in the world, So enhance your knowledge. Get enlightened.

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Passion Ventures derives and ensure that we instill in you the knowledge power and confidence to be a truly successful investor and analyst.

Our Main Services

Seed Funding

We works with our clients on all aspect of money management like risk, returns, loss etc. Seed Funding is needed to get most businesses off the ground.

Investment Analysis Training

Investment Analysis is a basic terminology in the stock market as it helps predicting various upcoming changes of prices in the stock market.

Quant Services

Quant Services is a business or financial analysis technique that seeks to understand behavior by using complex mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement and research.

Angel Investments

Passion ventures seeks to work with and support innovative entrepreneurs and to play an active role in helping them to build successful enterprises.